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but still i can hear myself speak

as if no one else ever could offer the same

6/1/08 11:38 am - I'll always be your first love, you'll always be my first love.

i am an idiot.

This is heaven an hell all at once
This is all i got and all i want
but like a lost soul i will, wonder the globe till this feelings gone

5/21/08 12:43 pm - your love is a bitter seed that only the blind can see

sometimes i miss it all and i wish it could be put together with how things are now and i wish to erase the bad things that ruin everything and eliminate the past that we just dont have any care or feelings for.

5/12/08 06:31 pm

we now have a lake house.
now & forever

5/3/08 06:54 pm

what am i doing?

4/21/08 04:26 pm - everyone needs to mind their own god damn business

"forbidden love brings people together"
hopefully, that's true.

and fuck what parents say. it's you're life. do what you love and fuck the rest.

4/6/08 03:42 pm

i want to leave.

11/11/07 06:07 am

theres nothing better than spending seconds together with someone that makes you happy.

11/8/07 09:14 pm

our love was officially made possible & it will follow through

i feel it.
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